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Poly B Plumbing Guys stand as your trusted partners for Poly B replacement services in Red Deer, Alberta. Our dedicated team of experienced plumbing professionals is prepared to replace your Poly-B pipes, and are readily available to expertly handle any required wall and ceiling repairs in your home.


Our expertise lies in delivering comprehensive Poly B pipe replacement services, prioritizing a hassle-free, cost-effective experience that minimizes disruption and ensures timely completion without any delays.


Additionally, we go beyond plumbing! While our primary focus is replacing your home’s water lines, we also offer additional services such as drywall, painting, and texturing to streamline every project, make it cost-effective, and ensure a stress-free return to the livable state of your home.

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We Do Poly B Replacement In Your Mobile Home

Why Poly B Replacement Matters

Polybutylene, commonly referred to as Poly B, is a plastic piping material extensively employed in residential plumbing systems from the 1970s to the 1990s. Initially considered a budget-friendly substitute for copper, it has later demonstrated a susceptibility to failures, particularly in regions with elevated water pressure or chlorine content.



Emphasizing the necessity of replacing Polybutylene pipes is crucial, given the potential for substantial water damage and the risk of mould growth within homes. Poly B pipes have the potential to rupture, resulting in extensive water damage, or they may develop subtle pinhole leaks and micro-fissures that often go undetected, promoting mould growth behind your home’s walls and ceilings. The resultant water damage can entail expensive repairs, prompting insurance companies to re-evaluate coverage for properties still equipped with Poly B plumbing.



Poly B Plumbing Guys are your go-to experts for Poly B removal services. Our specialized solutions enable homeowners to swap out their Poly B pipes with superior, long-lasting alternatives. Thus, removing Poly B plumbing from your system is a proactive step that safeguards your home against water damage, minimizes the likelihood of plumbing problems, and enhances your property’s overall value. So don’t delay; contact us to arrange your Poly B replacement in Red Deer today!

What Our Customers Say

Our Poly B Replacement Process



While we conduct the Poly B removal process, safeguarding your home from potential construction-related damage is our top priority. We kindly request that you relocate your furniture and personal items from the work areas to mitigate any risks. Subsequently, our poly b replacement experts will implement essential precautions to protect your floors and any remaining furniture, ensuring minimal potential damage while your home undergoes renovation.

Dust Control


The process of Poly B pipe removal and subsequent drywall repairs will likely generate a notable quantity of dust and debris. To minimize its spread, we will set up temporary floor protection and a poly vapour barrier within the work zones. However, it’s important to note that drywall dust is extremely fine and may still find its way into your ventilation system, potentially settling throughout your home. In light of this, we strongly advise thorough dusting for approximately 2-3 weeks and recommend scheduling a furnace cleaning within 2-3 weeks after the project’s conclusion.

Removing Existing Poly B Plumbing and Drywall


Next, we will effectively eliminate all existing Poly B piping by cutting rectangular holes in your ceilings and walls. The new piping will then be seamlessly installed through these same openings, ensuring compliance with any required city inspections. All our plumbers are Red Seal Certified and will oversee the inspections necessary for approval.”

New Drywall and Paint Installation


After removing and replacing the Poly B pipes, our team will install backing and apply drywall patches, tape, mud, and sanding, including ceiling texture, if deemed necessary. While we strive to match your existing texture closely, it’s important to note that the new patches may still be visible. To achieve a flawless finish, and if your home allows for it, we recommend considering the addition of a second layer of drywall and opting for a ‘Renewing’ treatment for your ceiling. Feel free to inquire about alternative options to minimize the visibility of texture blends. Following this, we will colour-match your current wall paint and apply one primer coat and two premium latex paint coats to all patches. Many of our clients choose to extend this paint treatment to the entire walls for a seamless transition, and we are pleased to offer this service as well.

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Common Questions About Poly B Replacement

 Poly B plumbing is a cause for concern due to its potential for problems such as leaks, bursts, and material degradation. These issues can lead to costly repairs and insurance challenges. To address these concerns, many homeowners opt to replace their Poly B plumbing with more reliable alternatives.

To determine if you have Poly B plumbing in your home, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visual Inspection: Examine the piping in your plumbing system. Poly B pipes are typically gray, blue, or black and may have “PB” or “Poly B” markings.
  2. Documentation: Review any documents related to your home’s construction or plumbing history. These records may indicate the materials used in your plumbing system, including Poly B pipes.
  3. Consult a Professional: If you’re uncertain about identifying the piping, consider hiring a licensed plumber. They can inspect your plumbing system and confirm whether it contains Poly B pipes.

By conducting these checks, you can determine whether your home has Poly B plumbing. This information is crucial for making informed decisions about maintenance or replacement.

Yes, it is advisable to remove Poly B plumbing. Poly B pipes have been associated with a higher risk of failure, including leaks and bursts, which can lead to significant water damage and costly repairs. Moreover, some insurance companies may reconsider coverage for homes with Poly B plumbing due to these risks.


Removing Poly B plumbing and replacing it with more reliable alternatives safeguards your property and provides you with peace of mind, reducing the potential for future plumbing issues and ensuring your home’s long-term safety and value.

Poly B plumbing removal necessitates the expertise of a licensed plumber with experience in plumbing system replacements. Attempting to remove Poly B plumbing on your own can pose risks and potentially lead to additional damage to your home. It is strongly recommended to entrust this task to trained professionals for a safe and effective outcome. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!