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Poly B Plumbing Guys are your reliable service providers for Poly B replacement in Calgary. We have a dedicated team of experienced plumbing professionals that will replace the polybutylene (Poly-B) plumbing in your home, followed by skilled trades to complete the repairs needed to your walls and ceilings.


We specialize in providing our clients with complete Poly B pipe replacement services and ensuring a stress-free, cost-effective process with minimal inconvenience and no project delays.


We provide more than just plumbing! Although the replacement process of changing out your home’s water lines is our main concern, We also provide drywall, painting and texturing services to make each job streamlined, affordable and stress-free to get your home back to its livable state.


Contact Poly B Plumbing Guys today so we can help you with all of your replacement and repair needs today!

We Do Poly B Replacement In Your Mobile Home

The Importance of Removing Poly B

Polybutylene (Poly B) is a type of plastic piping that was widely used in residential plumbing systems from the 1970s through the 1990s. While it was originally thought to be a cost-effective alternative to copper, it has since been found to be prone to failure, particularly in areas with higher water pressure or chlorine levels.


The importance of Polybutylene pipe replacement cannot be overstated, as it can lead to significant water damage and even mould growth in homes. Poly B pipes can rupture, causing massive water damage or have pin-hole leaks and micro-fissures that go unnoticed and cause mould behind the walls and ceilings of your home. The subsequent water damage can lead to costly repairs, and many insurance companies are re-evaluating coverage on homes where Poly B is still installed.


Poly B Plumbing Guys specializes in Poly B removal, helping homeowners to replace their Poly B piping with more reliable and durable alternatives. By removing Poly B pipes from your plumbing system, you can protect your home from potential water damage, reduce the risk of leaks and other plumbing issues, and increase the overall value of your property. Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact Poly B Plumbing Guys today to schedule your Calgary Poly B replacement.

What Our Customers Say

Our Poly B Replacement Process



During the Poly B removal process, we want to protect your home from any potential construction damage. We ask that you remove as much furniture and personal belongings out of the work areas as possible. At that point, Poly B Plumbing Guys will take the necessary measures to protect your floors and remaining furniture to minimize potential damage while your home is under construction.

Dust Control


Removing Poly B pipes and repairing the drywall will generate a significant amount of dust and debris. The Poly B Plumbing Guys will install temporary floor protection and a poly vapour barrier to the work areas to contain the dust to a reasonable degree. Please be aware that drywall dust is very fine and will travel through your ventilation system and settle throughout your home. For this reason, we highly recommend thorough dusting for approximately 2-3 weeks and then having your furnace cleaned within 2-3 weeks following project completion.

Removing Existing Poly B Plumbing and Drywall


Poly B Plumbing Guys will work diligently to remove all existing Poly B piping by cutting rectangular holes in the drywall of your ceilings and walls. The piping will then be replaced through these same holes and ready for city inspections as required. All our plumbers are Red Seal Certified and will take care of the inspections required for approval.

New Drywall and Paint Installation


Once the Poly B pipes are removed and replaced, Poly B Plumbing Guys will install backing drywall patches tape, mud, sand, and do ceiling texture if required. Although we do our best to match your existing texture, the new patches are often visible. If you would like to ensure a flawless finish and your home permits, we recommend adding a second layer of drywall and “Renewing” your ceiling. Ask about other options to decrease the likelihood of seeing texture blends. We then colour-match your current wall paint and apply 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of premium latex paint to all patches. Many of our clients choose to paint full walls to ensure a seamless transition and we offer this service as well.

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Poly B Plumbing Guys takes pride in our ability to complete projects on time and within budget, making sure that you can rely on us to get the job done both efficiently and effectively.
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Our team at Poly B Plumbing Guys are both personable and professional. We always have a friendly and approachable demeanor that puts customers at ease, while also maintaining a high level of expertise and professionalism in our work.
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Poly B Plumbing Guys is renowned for offering customers good value with fair pricing. We provide transparent and upfront pricing for plumbing and poly b removal services, ensuring customers get the best value for their money.
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With years of experience in the plumbing industry and extensive knowledge of Poly B removal, we are equipped to handle any plumbing project, big or small. Because we have so much prior experience, our craftsmanship for plumbing and Poly B removal has become refined.
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Poly B Plumbing Guys understands that scheduling work can be challenging, which is why we work with customers to find convenient scheduling options and accommodate your needs to ensure a stress-free experience.
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When you contact Poly B Plumbing Guys to handle plumbing emergencies or swift and necessary Poly B removal, you can expect prompt and responsive service. We understand that emergencies can happen anytime and we are here to help.

Ask Us Anything About Poly B Replacement

Poly B plumbing has been found to have a high failure rate due to its tendency to become brittle and crack over time. This can lead to leaks, water damage, and potential health hazards from mould growth.

Poly B plumbing can be identified by its gray or white plastic piping with acetal fittings. A licensed plumber can confirm if your home has Poly B plumbing.

Yes, if you have Poly B plumbing in your home, it is recommended to have it replaced with a more durable and reliable plumbing system. This will prevent potential water damage and health hazards from leaks and mould growth.

Poly B plumbing removal requires a licensed plumber with experience in replacing plumbing systems. Attempting to remove Poly B plumbing yourself can be dangerous and result in further damage to your home. It’s best to leave it to the professionals.